Royal Reflections

Palau, West Pacific

Marcy was in the midst of styling her hair for dinner when Ray came crashing through the door, emphatically yelling, “Marcy, you have to come NOW–this is the most amazing sunset!” Hair half pinned, Marcy threw on the first thing she could find, grabbed her camera and was out the door.

The sky was a kaleidoscope of blazing colour, so we quickly scouted the area and were drawn by the perfect palm trees and reflections in the pool. We set up and started shooting and soon after, other people started to take notice.  We were glad we were the first on the scene because soon the area was crowded with people and getting a “clean” shot without someone in the frame was impossible.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most memorable sunsets we’ve ever experienced…
We had just finished two and a half weeks of intensive diving with Adventures in Scuba (one of Calgary’s best dive shops) and decided to take a few days of R&R at the Palau Pacific Resort before continuing to Chuuk to do some wreck diving. It was a spectacular way to end the first segment of the trip.

An hour later we finally made it to dinner (which was great), but if you ask us what we ate we can’t recall the details.  The sunset was the quinissential “moment in time” we will always remember.

Micronesia Sunrise r4 36x24 8 bit-8

Royal Reflections (Palau, November 24, 2013)

Marcy & Ray Stader


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