Canada Day, July 1, 1996

Marcy had been visiting a friend in Whistler and was on the way to Vancouver International Airport for her return flight home, when her vehicle broke down and she missed her scheduled afternoon flight…

Ray was in Washington State and underestimated the time it would take to catch a ferry from the San Juan islands to the mainland, then drive to Bellingham to catch a bus that would take him to the Vancover airport across the US/Canada border.  The bus was literally rolling out of the parking lot when he raced up and flagged it down…

If Marcy had not broken down on the highway, or if Ray had missed his bus, they would never have met.  As it turned out, these two strangers found themselves sitting beside each other at the gate waiting to board the red eye flight from Vancouver to Calgary.  It was late and they were tired, but they struck up a conversation which inevitably migrated to the topic of travel and adventure.  When the flight attendant started to call passengers for boarding and they were about to go their separate ways, they both pulled out their boarding passes and discovered they were serenditpitously seated beside each other on the plane…

Twenty years later, Marcy and Ray’s spirit for adventure and travel are as strong as ever.  Having traveled to more than 50 countries around the globe, often to places far off the beaten path, they not only share a strong passion for wildlife and beautiful landscapes, but also fascinating cities and interesting people.  StaderArt was born to capture those special “moments in time when time stands still.”

Come along for a ride on the Wildside Blog with Marcy and Ray as they continue to explore the world and the natural beauty they find everywhere they go.


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